The Nature Of Silk is an intimate look at the storm behind caring for a parent struggling with mental health, while trying to grow up, discover oneself, and explore one’s sexuality as a young adult in the (now) 2020s.

This is the struggle of teens who grow up with family crippled by depression and anxiety, all in a toxic social media culture that feeds shame and fear of the truth behind who they are truly called to be.



An introverted eighteen year old tries to balance the needs of his mother with the burdens of growing up, until he meets two queer teens - outcasts in their small town - who guide him to the truth behind his pain, grief, and suppressed desires.


Coming of age drama, with themes of mental illness, sexuality, gender identity, and trauma. 


Possibilities for some arthouse elements.


Feature length film



THE NATURE OF SILK is an emotionally charged young adult drama based within the tech savvy and inclusive (while not so inclusive) world we live in, representing stories from across a variety of backgrounds, genders, and sexualities. 

It's a film that stays true and relevant to the Millennial and Gen-Z experience connected to social media, on their search to find who they are and where they belong.


We The Animals (Cinereach 2018)

Perks of Being a Wallflower (Summit 2012)

Boy Erased (Focus Features 2018)

Call Me By Your Name (Sony Classics 2017)




Benji, a timid eighteen year old, struggles caring for his family in the aftermath of his father’s sudden death. He finds refuge with Jude and Nate. discovering a freedom he has never tasted before. Desperate to keep his new group of friends, Benji is quick to make mistakes on his journey toward understanding vulnerability and the importance of living one's truth.


A wise, old soul. Gender non-conforming. The oldest of the group (at 19), they try to help Benji despite the unstable, toxic situation they find themselves trapped in with Nate.


A popular small town pastor who puts his heart into his work, tasked with trying to help the Miller family grieve. He finds himself unprepared to handle Benji’s needs.


Benji’s 7 year old brother. While he can be cute, bubbly, and energetic, the trauma of losing his father has left scars, often seen through tantrums that push Benji and his mom, Emilie, to their limit.


A fragile woman burdened with anxiety and grief after being married to her depressed husband for years. Suddenly a single parent, Emilie struggles with co-dependent tendencies on her desperate fight to get stronger, all so she - and her boys - can finally heal and grow.


A gay, 17 year old rebel without a cause who consistently acts out in pain after being forced out of the closet, resulting in his parents disowning him and the town rejecting him.


An 18 year old tomboy with a punk edge, she's been with Jude and Nate since they were kids. She tries her best to be all her friends need, often at her own expense.


Benji’s older cousin. A young woman who lives within the box of her constrictive, Christian town, albeit pushing the rules a little. Incredibly empathetic, she does her best to help Benji and Jay traverse the town’s oppressive culture.


Rural, midwestern spots (houses, churches, bars, parks) will be perfect locations for the shoot.

We are particularly looking into Colorado.



Kylie Milusnic is an Emmy nominated producer and director. Most notably she directed the short form series Broken in 2018 which garnered two Emmy Nominations. She works regularly as a production consultant on various projects in both the scripted and unscripted world.

Aaron Guest is an American producer, screenwriter, and actor with appearances on networks like ABC, CBS, FX, & Nickelodeon - and has been seen in independent features, national commercials, short films, and musicals all over the country. He has several projects in development, as well as a pilot alongside SAG award nominated actress, Shakira Barrera.